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A Maldivian story...

Since 2011

A tale of two

Toddy has been strongly and steadily making itself known throughout Maldives as an apparel brand that is more than just that. Siblings Faya and Riya, who are originally from the very North of Maldives, are very serious about redefining and navigating what it means to have years of rich folklore running through their veins in a rapidly changing world. And their chosen medium of exploration? Fashion.

Humble beginnings

The Maldives, being a prime destination for sun, sand, and sea, surf and beachwear had become part of the staple that tourists often brought with them or sought after. After years of hand printing t-shirts just for the love of the process, these young entrepreneurs found an opportunity in the unmet demand for high-quality Maldivian designs in the market.

From humble beginnings shared with friends, with simple tools and the work of uncles to guide their passion, Toddy has its roots in a dream; the vision of a fully Maldivian-owned fashion brand that could be internationally recognized in the surf and beachwear market.