I put my son to bed, waiting a few minutes to watch him sleep. How peaceful he was, I shared in his peace and yet I felt the night had a more ominous ending. Shrugging off the thought and grabbing my fishing gear I headed outside and made my way towards edge of the outer-reef. For tonight was greeted with a prime full moon and the rising of the tide. A great cosmic pair-up that would yield much fish to feed my family for weeks. Fish after fish greeted my line, until a great femunu (tiger shark) suddenly breached the surface and made its way towards me. Forcing me to let go of everything, yet I consider myself lucky as I have lived to tell you this tale of the great Femunu.


Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Style: Regular Fit

Color: Dark Grey

Single jersey, 160 gsm, Organic Fair Trade cotton.

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