I made my way down to the Vashu Veyo (bathing pool), deep inside the screw-pine filled jungle of Fua Mulakvahmulah. A luminous full moon lit up the pathway. I had heard of the anomalies associated with this place. Why people avoided it, but surely nothing would happen to a visitor hailing from neighbouring Huvadhoo Atoll right? As I plunged into waist deep water, a bright reddish glow filled my peripheral vision. I turned and there stood the most beautiful manje (girl) I have ever seen in my life. Adorned in the finest of Dhivehi Libaas (traditional dress), but her eyes were as black as the night sky and her gaze transfixed with menace. I thus closed my eyes and recited a prayer, and when I opened them she was gone...


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Style: Regular Fit

Color: Polar White

Single jersey, 160 gsm, Organic Fair Trade cotton.

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