Waves '87

Waves '87


I woke up on the morning of the 11th of April 1987. To cries and confusion coming from the streets. Massive tidal waves pounded the sea-wall and flooded the streets. I felt that a great conjuring to summon the demon king/king of the demons Rannamaari was underway. I shook with deep fear as my house was no more than 50 feet from the surf-break. I gathered my wife and kids and told them to make haste and go further inland. And I joined hands with the men on the front-line laying sandbags and breakers. I saw Brothers and sisters, helping each other out in the face of much adversity. It was a powerful show of collective spiritedness which even revealed itself 17 years later during the boxing day tsunami of December 2004.


Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Style: Regular Fit

Color: Cameo Pink

Single jersey, 160 gsm, Organic Fair Trade cotton.

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