Thundu Kunaa

Thundu Kunaa


There is a story in every weave, every line, shape, pattern, and dye, she thought. She wondered if the woven zigzags in black and yellow dyed reed were meant to be that way, over lapping the other, patient and precise. Fresh reed cut every season, dried in the sun, dyed with pounded root of ahi-gas and charcoal, and finally woven by a long weave, day in day out. What makes her mother submit to these rituals of piety, she asked herself? Yes, her mother weaves, her hands maneuvering the loom, creating beautiful patterned thundu kunaa. But the mind of her mother weaves another story, she knows, like the stories of other patient and precise weavers. What if she, the devoted weaver’s daughter, would make another pattern, dye a different hue, alter the zigzags into curves and hula-hoops, she asked. You could, said her mother, you will as you please, weave yours as you dream. So she dreamt. And she went on to tell her story, far from her mother’s black and yellow zig zagged lines.


Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Style: Regular Fit

Color: Dirty Yellow

Single jersey, 160 gsm, Organic Fair Trade cotton.

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